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Vitamins supplied by fruits and vegetables have quite a beneficial impact on our system. For example, vitamins A and C make our defenses stay strong against infections, while those in the B group will boost our nervous system.

In order to take full advantage of vitamins, it is recommended to eat some raw vetegables daily. This makes them more effective, since no vitamins are lost by cooking.

Fruit should be eaten without being peeled when possible, as we do with grapes for example. If we really need to peel it, we should eat it as soon as possible so that its vitamins are not oxidized by air.

  • Vitamin A can be found in watermelons, pumpkins, and courgettes. It is quite beneficial for our skin, hair, immune system, and sight.
  • Vitamins in the B group come in mangoes, melons, watermelons, strawberries, avocados, and peas. They help our metabolism and fight infections.
  • Vitamin C can be found in strawberries, grapes, mangoes, watermelons, peppers, and tomatoes. It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of free radicals, and helps at building muscle tissue and blood vessels.
  • Vitamin E is provided by peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, and pumpkins. It is an antioxidant needed for red blood cells formation.
  • Vitamin K comes in asparagus, cucumbers, and tomatoes. It is known as the coagulation vitamin, since blood needs it in order to coagulate.

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