Very refreshing

sandía refrescante

Water is the most important element for living beings. Human beings are 70% water; it participates in the creation of cells, and allows them to use nutrients. Hence the importance of proper hydration.

Fruits and vegetables are our best biological source for water since the plant has already filtered it, with melon and watermelon being the hydrating fruits par excellence.

Melon contains between 85% and 90% water, whereas watermelon is the fruit with the highest amount of water at 95%. This makes them very refreshing fruits, ideally suited for summer. Such a high hydration as provided by melon and watermelon makes them especially advisable for children and the elder.

Both melon and watermelon are quite appealing and good tasting, so we don't need to choose only one but rather we can alternate them as we please: juices, smoothies, slushies, or any other culinary invention.

Besides proper hydration, eating melon and watermelon will also help eliminate toxins, boost our nervous system, and alleviate muscle soreness.

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