Variety on your table

pirámide alimentaria

A varied diet is mandatory in order to stay healthy. A balanced diet will comprise all kinds of foods, each in an adequate proportion. The food pyramid shows the optimal amounts of basic nutrient groups that should be part of our daily intake.

The food pyramid shows the importance of fruits and vegetables, since they are found on the second level. This level contains food that is a good source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. At least five portions of vegetables and four portions of fruit should be eaten every day.

Fruits and vegetables are essential for our daily diet. Highly healthy, they are the basis of the Mediterranean diet. From a nutritional point of view, they are rich in vitamins, water, minerals, and fibre; they also contain other highly antioxidant bioactive elements which are quite beneficial to our health.

We should watch our daily intake of fruits and vegetables, since according to the World Health Organization, a great part of the population is not having enough of them. The WHO recommends at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables daily in order to help preventing some important illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.

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