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Frutas Urrea is one of the main firms in the horticultural sector in the Region of Murcia, leader in the provision of fruits and vegetables. Our firm was born from the entrepreneurship of Diego Urrea García, who began his commercial career in 1965. He started with a stall at the city market in Lorca and then went on doing ambulant sales in markets across the region.

In 1986 the society “Diego Urrea García e hijos, S.R.C.” was born, to which Diego Urrea's sons would join, purchasing stall number 57 in Mercamurcia some time later. This stall got expanded in 1989 with stall number 55.

Some years later, in 1995, the society got the name Frutas Urrea S.L., and in 1999 it promoted the creation of a new city market in La Hoya's industrial estate (Lorca). In 2001 we purchased an industrial unit in that estate, which would become the logistics base for our firm. In 2014 we initiated our aperture to new markets and for this purpose we purchased a new unit in the industrial estate El Saladar (Totana), which got our brand image.

Frutas Urrea is a family business, and for all these years our priority has been and still is the quality of our products, our service, and our attention to customers, making sure that our products are delivered daily in the best possible conditions for their consumption.

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Nowaways, Frutas Urrea has excellent facilities and means at its disposal to deliver products from their suppliers to customers. We have offices in Lorca with pleasant spaces, fully equipped to properly assist suppliers and customers, whereas the unit at the industrial estate in La Hoya is being used for logistics and storage of packaging material. Packaging is being made at the unit in the industrial estate in Totana; delivery is made from there to a variety of markets such as Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia and Madrid among others.

If you wish to know more about our facilities, please visit our photo gallery.

In 2011, Diego Urrea García, founder of our firm, received a well deserved homage for his career from Francisco Jódar, mayor of Lorca. You can read more about Diego Urrea and this event here.

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